It’s the holidays, and I want to write!

My muse has a very strange sense of timing. I’m trying to finish edits on a completed manuscript. There is the piece I started for NaNoWritMo tugging at me to work on it and WHAM out of left field the opening I’ve been searching for on another work-in-progress comes out of left field and wants to be written RIGHT NOW!

Okay, well let’s see. Christmas Eve is upon us. My house will be full of guests. And you want me to write? Now? Blank stare.  Where in the devil were you in November when my Nano stalled because I was sick. There was no inspiration or muse around then. Why is it these wonderful, exciting dances with inspiration always hit when I’m too busy to make it to the keyboard.  In this case, I’m going to have my two year old granddaughter. Ever try to write with a two year old about? Oh yeah, great gobs of fun. “Sweetheart, what are you doing?”  “Nothing.”  Right.

So tomorrow, I will be chasing a pixie princess. There are party trays to make and baking to finish. And the entire time a story will be spinning in my head with no where to go. All I can say is, at least I won’t be bored. 

How do you handle ill timed inspiration?


Take Care

~Writers Be Aware~

There are countless entities on the prowl for the unsuspecting, naive or desperate writer. Publishers don’t charge their authors; they pay them

Whether you choose to publish with a Self-publish (pay for print services), Traditional or EBook press, read your contract thoroughly and completely. Negotiate the parts you are uncomfortable with.

Do not enter into any agreement you are not comfortable with or do not completely understand.

 A reputable, traditional, publisher will not ask you for money for any reason.

 Self-publish press is an increasingly popular option. The reputable ones will lay out all of their fees up front. Hidden fees and representing as something other than Self-publish is common.

Do your research.

 Publishers and Agents should not charge for or refer you to a fee edit service, nor should there be a ‘reading’ fee. Publishers and Agents make their money from selling work.

 You will get a specified number of copies of your work at no charge. If they charge for every copy you receive be suspicious.

 You will be encouraged to network and promote your work. You may even decide to purchase pens, bookmarks and the like, at your expense, for self-promotion.

 Self-promotion is an important part of any successful printing. The publisher should never ask you for money or insist you spend money to promote.

In the Publishing world the money always runs towards the author.

It bears repeating.  ~Publishers don’t charge their authors; they pay them.~