What is the Heart of Love?

Their eyes met across a crowded room.’  This is about as cliche’ as it gets when writing about falling in love. Love at first sight.  I know it happens and outside of seeing your child for the first time it is exceedingly rare. Perhaps it’s why so many writers have taken up the cause, to bring fantasy to life.

One doesn’t have to write romance to face love in a plot. All relationships involve attachment of one kind or another. Friendship, parent, cousin, brother, sister, friend, collegue to list a few. In most of these relationships the attachment is implied. The attachment can also be twisted to create suspense or leave the reader questioning it to spring a surprise.

Will the hero save his wayward brother or let him dangle for his bad behavior?

Will the female lead believe her cousin has changed and chance being lead into danger for the loyalty of family?

How can anyone could trust Uncle Frank when it is so obvious he’s a putz?


I write romance, so my story lines revolve around two people falling in love and navigating the mine field that can be love. I don’t like writing or reading love at first sight. Lust at first sight is more likely the situation. Love takes time because trust and respect are required for a long term ‘Happily ever after.’


So how do you write relationships in your work?

How do they color your work and effect the rhythm and flow?

Are there elements of romance in your crime story?

What is the heart of love?